UR22 disconnecting a number of times every 30 minutes on Macbook M1 Pro 13.1

This is a weird one.
My UR22 would disconnect and reconnect randomly. I eventually noticed that it seemed to be on a schedule; eg every hour, on the hour, and every half hour in between.

  1. How can I find out what my mac is scheduled to do every 30minutes?
  2. Does the UR22 drivers do anything on a schedule?
  3. Has anyone else had a similar issue?

My macbook doesn’t have too much installed.

  • Carabiner
  • Teamviewer
  • zoom
  • meeter
  • linearmouse
  • displaylinkmanager

Yes I have the same issue…it seems to happen when ram is at max load. but i havent found out to solve the problem