UR22 Driver problem with new RAM / XMP Profile

Hi !

I changed my RAM yesterday. Since i got a message mentionning “Audio interruption due to USB error is detected. Refer to the troubleshooting in the operation manual.”

There is no way i can do music in Ableton (stutter every 0.5 seconds).

BUT i found a way to make it work again. I have to go in the BIOS and disable the XMP profile of my motherboard and bring back my RAM to 2666Mhz (which is obvsiouly not a solution).

Is there any known problem about Yamaha Steinberg USB driver and High Frequency RAM / XMP Profile ?

RAM has been tested with multiple utilities, is stable and work perfectly well.
Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver settings were the exact same when i compared the RAM profile.

I’d gladly answer your question if you have some.

If needed, here are my specs:

Ryzen 3900X
Aorus X570
Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 2x16 3600Mhz
Windows 10
UR22 with last drrivers (Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver V2.0.4)