UR22 drivers won't work anymore MAC

I haven’t use my UR22 for kinda long time, but today I badly needed to. I was an idiot and thought that maybe it is good to update this since it’s been such long time off. I went to the official page and downloaded the newest drivers and then it didn’t work. I did follow all the instructions. In the end I tried every driver there was. I even dug out the official CD-ROM that came with the UR22, but even that won’t work!!

Some of the drivers that I tried does show up in the preferences, but clicking them does only bring up a notice that tools or something cannot be found. Some drivers doesn’t show in the preferences after “installing” them. UR22 doesn’t show anywhere when I connect it. I’m not any nerd, but I know lots about tech, so I hope if someone knows the answer it wouldn’t be too complicated.

Really, thanks!!