UR22: Faint sound even when output at zero

Hi, I’ve had a UR 22 for 6 months now, running on Win 7 64 with no apparent problems. Recently I noticed that even with the output volume right down to zero, I can hear faint sound from my speakers. Not loud enough to be a problem, but still clearly audible.

I’ve Googled it, but found nothing similar. This is definitely not the low frequency problem as this is just on the output, no noise recorded when input. Also reinstalled latest drivers with no change. This is happening with ASIO and Windows audio, not just the DAW, so could be Windows related rather than UR 22. Would be grateful for any ideas as to what the problem is, thanks

Hi hazxan,

This is also one of my main gripes about the UR22. Wondering if this is the same with all the other UR series interfaces.

Oh. Ive got the same problem and I made video of it : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RN20cUwY2V4


It was about powercables! They were in the same EXTENSION CORD BLOCK. And the ground power caused that problem. I found another extension cord block and plugged only mine speakers powercables into it and the problem dissapeared immediately! :astonished: