UR22 faulty - what is procedure?

It appears that I have a faulty UR22. Less than 6 months old.
Should I contact Steinberg or the supplier?

Thank you.

What is the specific issue that you are having with the UR22 device that is causing you to believe it is faulty?
What specific operating system and version are you running on your computer that the UR22 device is connected to?

Full detail are here Joshua:

I’ve also submitted a support ticket request on the My Steinberg website - in fact I currently have 4 tickets open there all relating to different problems I’m having with Steinberg products. I haven’t received a reply to any of those tickets yet and some of those were submitted days ago.

Support from Steinberg has been disappointing so far. I’m basically in a position where I can’t use any of the products and I can’t get through to support to find out what the problems are.

Hope you can help. Thank you.

Here is an updated screenshot of what exactly is happening at the moment.
Really hope someone can help with this. Thank you.

PS. I should add that this is happening for any device - condenser mic, SM58, guitar - on both input channels. I even went as far as to send my mic to Rode support, convinced it was the mic at fault, only to be told the mic was fine which was when I realised it was happening with any device.