Ur22 first generation on Mac OS Ventura?

I have tried to find information to no avail, I am sure someone on here will hopefully have the answers I need.

I have the first generation UR22 and am really pleased with it, I have updated the driver and it is working on Mac OS Catalina. I am purchasing a new M2 Mac Studio which will be running Mac OS Ventura will the Catalina driver I have work with that or is there a new driver to work with Ventura?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The drivers!
Maybe you find something useful.

Thank you for getting back to me, I had looked on that page but cannot tell if any of those drivers will work with a M2 Mac Studio running OS Ventura.

I had hoped that maybe someone from Steinberg may have seen this and could confirm yes or no there is a driver and which one it is.



Once again thank you so much for answering me. I will not have my new computer for a couple of weeks and never thought to check what the Mac OS number would be, since reading your last post I looked and Ventura is version 13 so I think the driver you have shown will be great. As well as being extremely helpful you have potentially saved me money as I have been looking at new interfaces, now I think I will be fine with my old faithful UR 22 first generation which works brilliantly for me.

Very grateful.