UR22 Headphone vs Line out


I’m thinking about buying the UR22 as my first audio interface.
I will mostly be using it for composing with VSTi’s and midi controllers, but also the occasional mic recording.
Now, I don’t have any speakers and getting some is not an option, I can only use headphones.

Is it a bad idea to use the headphone output to listen to just audio coming from your pc? Say for listening to music or composing in a DAW.
Or is the headphone output meant only to monitor recordings?


It’s not a bad idea but you may not notice much of an improvement in sound quality as most PCs handle anologue audio out quite well.
Most of the advantages of using the audio interface are from the input side - midi, line and mic in plus latency free monitoring.

I know the sound quality won’t be much better, if at all. I was mostly worried that using the headphone jack as opposed to the line outs to listen to the sound coming from the computer might not be ideal.

I get the same high quality sound from the headphone jack as the line outs on my UR22MKII Mk2. The difference would only be in signal strength with headphone being at a higher level.