UR22, Headphones and Cubase 8

(Posted originally in the Steinberg Hardware forum, the question also applies to Cubase 8, so I decided to cross-post it here)

Having previously only worked with virtual instruments, I have now added a single microphone as an audio input through my UR22. I got it figured out how to add this via VST Connections and routed it to a vocal track.

I have also added headphones plugged into my UR22 headphones jack, and I understand how to set headphones level using the Phones knob.

But so far as I can tell, within Cubase I do not have the ability to set up a headphones output separate from my studio monitors output. Both work off the same UR22 output. Is there a way to separate these so that within Cubase when recording a vocal I can easily mute the monitors but listen on the headphones and not resort to using a manual knob on the UR22? Or is that just a feature reserved for higher models of audio interface?

Interesting question and I will be interested to hear someone chime in who is familiar with the control room functionality (CB Pro 8 only). My guess is that it can not be done but, I hope I am wrong. :wink:

What I did was to purchase a relatively inexpensive headphone amp. I purchased the PreSonus HP4. It has (4) headphone outs (so you actually end up with (5) when you count the one on your UR22). And it has a mute button and level adjustment knob for the monitors. It works good.

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Ah, good to see someone gets my predicament. Thanks, Prock.

I was surprised at first, but once I thought about things it made some sense. I had hoped that the Control Room was the solution, but nothing I do gets around the fundamental problem that Cubase can only work with the number of outs existing in my audio interface. It has no way of both sending a signal (headphones) and not sending a signal (monitors) to the same out. If I select the UR22 for the Headphones output in the VST Connections panel, it removes it from the Monitors output, and vice versa.

Since I will never use more than one headphone at a time, it makes no sense to spend money for a multi-headphone amplifier that costs as much as my UR22 did. I guess I’ll just have to get used to manually reducing the UR22’s Output knob to zero when needed. Now I know why I should have bought an audio interface with four outputs like the Focusrite Scarlett 2i4. At the time I saw no need for it.

Yea… I hear you on the cost of purchasing something like an HP4. To be honest, I never thought I was going to use the extra headphone connections either but now I periodically record two friends with me. So I do use three of them at the same time every so often.

Like you mentioned… the control room probably won’t be able to do what you want exactly. But, I believe it lets you divide the two outputs used for your monitors. When you do that I would think that you you would probably lose stereo to your monitors but, if the outputs on the UR22 are TRS connections then maybe it will send a stereo signal out through both sides and you can connect your two monitors to one side using one of those “Y” connector cables and your stereo headphones to the other side. I really don’t know so I am just thinking out loud. You need a control room guru to chime in here.

Regardless, please report how you finally work this out (if you ever do). Thanks :wink:

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