UR22, Headphones and Cubase 8

Having previously only worked with virtual instruments, I have now added a single microphone as an audio input through my UR22. I got it figured out how to add this via VST Connections and routed it to a vocal track.

I have also added headphones plugged into my UR22 headphones jack, and I understand how to set headphones level using the Phones knob.

But so far as I can tell, within Cubase I do not have the ability to set up a headphones output separate from my studio monitors output. Both work off the same UR22 output. Is there a way to separate these so that within Cubase I can easily mute the monitors but listen on the headphones and not resort to using a manual knob on the UR22? Or is that just a feature reserved for higher models of audio interface?

This question keeps popping up in some form or other in regards to the UR22
The UR22 is a two output interface, to do what you are asking would require a 4 output interface, so in short you cannot switch between monitors and headphones connected to the UR22 using software.

Thanks, Split.

Yeah, that is the upshot of all this, a 4 output interface is needed to separately control two stereo signals. Oh well, sometimes disappointing experience is the best teacher.