UR22 - Hi-Z Monitoring Issue

I recently purchased the UR22 and love the interface however I’m having an issue when trying to record my guitar.

My issue is that when I play my guitar through Guitar Rig in Ableton Live 9 I can hear the dry signal bleeding through, but only when I have the Hi-Z switch turned on. The signal does not bleed through into the recording so it is definitely just a monitoring issue, but I cant seem to get rid of it. The clean/dry signal is also slightly delayed, making it very annoying when trying to track guitars.

I have my guitar plugged into the Line 2 input and the input in Ableton set to 2, my MIX knob is also turned 100% to the right on my interface, so I should only be hearing the audio from the DAW.

If anyone has any idea how to fix this that’d be great,


I forgot to mention that the dry signal is only bleeding through the right side of my headphones, if that has any relevance.

Thanks again in advance!

Is the bleed-problem still present on Steinberg UR22C - anyone?

Did you solve the problem?