UR22 High Freq Distortion


I have had the the UR22 for the past year and a half, but its really starting to annoy me as it throws off this high freq distortion every so often. I have searched the forums and seen that its be a regular enough problem. I tried the new drivers and it made things worse so I reverted back to the originals. Has anyone else come across another fix for this ? Its gone by the stage of been annoying !!

Thanks, any help would be greatly appreciated !

You mean distortion being recorded or only audible through monitors/headphones?

It does seem weird the drivers have an impact on it. It could suggest you need to tweak your OS for audio but it depends on the kind of distortion. Maybe you can post a short mp3?

Thanks for the reply mate. Its audible through the monitors plus the rendered version. For example the highs can sound like a bitcrusher has been applied. My computer is quite old but is running 8GB of ram on an Intel quad core 2.7ghz. Never had any problems with my previous M-Audio card so I might revert back to it, Frustrating …

I see. I cannot place the “bitcrush” distortion. To me this seems beyond the scope of tuning your OS. Although this does make a difference. I run a dual-boot OS with Win 8.1 for DAW only and Win 10 for mainstream and while the DAW OS is finetuned for audio and has zero distortion some playback on my Win 10 does have glitches since it’s not tweaked for audio work. It’s worth a shot…

Only other thing that comes to mind is too high volume gain when recording/playback which can result in “bitcrush” like effects or maybe try another XLR/Hi-Z cable? I can relate to the frustration as I have other issues but other than what I wrote I wouldn’t know how to address your issues.

I have this exact same problem and been looking a lot for a solution. I hope someone can adress this problem. I’ve been using mine for less than a month and this glitch popped up today.

Hi there! I’ve determined that past about -3dB, the UR series of interfaces will clip. The only real solution is setting the main output in dspMixFx to about -3.25 dB. This is pretty disappointing, as digital attenuation is not transparent. I’ve emailed Steinberg about this, but who knows if it will reach anyone who can do anything about it. Read more about my findings here (second post):