Been reading a lot of information about a problem that occured recently.
In the past, I’ve been working with Cubase 5 and the mr816 csx/x and did always enjoy the direct monitoring
feature on device setup. I could here my guitarsound with all the digital effects and digital amps and so on.

After some time I’ve switched to cubase artist with an easy to travel UR22 and managed to updated until
artist 8.5.20.
With this setup also DIRECT MONITORING always worked without any problems. Mix Knob @ the front of the UR turned all the way to daw.

Recently I’ve switched my mac os sierra version to s mojave, updated my cubase artist version to 8.5.30 and the ur22 firmware
to te latest driver.
Direct monitoring doens’t work anymore and the enable tab on device setup is gray.

Do I have to switch back to Sierra ??


I forgot to mention that I can’t record audio anymore on cubase, no metering, nothing.
If I switch to GarageBand everything works fine.

(problem solved for now)

Did a recovery install
OS maverick - OS el captain - OS high sierra OS 10.13.4

Used a new download from my steinberg artist 8.5 with an update to 8.5.30
usb driver 1.10.5

Could be an issue with mojave ???


Did you also follow these steps?