UR22 Interface with Sure SM7b MIC?

Hi there,

I need an interface to use in conjunction with Cubase 7 on Windows 8 64 and also a Sure SM7b MIC.

I was originally going to go with the Saffire Pro14 interface, but am exploring other options since I’d like to avoid having to install a firewire card into my PC if possible.

The UR22 looks like a feasible option, but I am concerned about it not having enough gain range to satisfy the SM7b, which is notorious for being gain hungry. The minimum recommended gain that an interface should have in order to effectively satisfy the SM7b is +60. The UR22 has a range of +16 - +60. Is this cutting it too close?

All comments welcome.

Would love some opinions on this also! is the UR22 gonna provide enough Gain or should i use a cloudlifter or something similar?