UR22 Interface

I bought the UR22 a couple of years ago, having Cubase and Dorico, the promise was, being all of the same family it would work smoothly. Far from true. Almost every time I turn on my PC, UR22 will not be recognized, have to reboot. (They will tell you of course it is W10 fault). If I want to run Sibelius by the side, half of the time it won´t work. And there is more…I would never buy it again. The sound is very good, but not always, there´s choppiness too, I read it is because of the USB 2 (USB3 devices should work better.)I did get help from the experts here, but problems reappear. Altogether a lot of wasted time. Think twice before buying this product!!!

Sorry to hear that, Concha. Either you have a faulty unit or some electrical issue on the wire.
In general you can’t say that UR22 is making trouble. I’ve been using UR22, UR22mkII and UR22C since their inception and it always worked great for me. Also, we have sold lots and lots of those devices and not every customer is having bad experiences with it.

I am sure that you should be able to find a solution to your problem (I have an UR mkII and Ur22 C) that I lend to my students sometimes without having had problems without a solution.
There was once a driver problem on mac.
On windows : one time alimentation was insufficient
The solutions that should work: change the usb port, shorter cable, supply the card with a transformer (the better).
best regards

Thanks, guys for the friendly support. But really, the problems vary. I always find the solutions, either here or on the Internet. This morning again, won´t start together with W10. Tried something different, changed ports, etc. Now it is working but guess what, Dorico won´t recognize it, as so many times before. Sibelius has no problem, but Cubase, Dorico, and UR22 don´t like each other very much. That is a fact, they only work through a workaround (??!!), which was kindly explained to me in this forum.If I would have been told before I need a “workaround” to have Cubase and Dorico work together I would´n have bought it in the first place.

So now everything works and has a sound except ? Yes Dorico, it cannot find the UR22 driver, although that is the sound my PC is working on now (youtube, Sibelius all fine).
I work from home, sometimes I have a break, love to grab my guitar, open Dorico, and practice some Bach (my hobbie), today, like many other days, my half-hour was wasted just trying to get a sound communication between Dorico and UR22 (Steinberg Family).Sooner or later I will have to drop, either Dorico or the UR22.I´m not that young anymore. Sorry guys, but I think it is only fair for other people to know there are issues with these products, and many of them have been encountered by other useres in this forum.

Was Cubase already open when Dorico could not find the Ur22? Would that make a difference?

almost sure that the audio sibelius plays not via asio driver but with MME and a lot of latency
Cubase and Dorico works with ASIO : from memory the configuration must be something like “Yamaha Steinberg USB Asio”

There we go, what do I have to worry about which app. was open first. Understand my point? It is all awkward. I know exactly what u mean, bin there done that. But it is definitely not user-friendly. Imagine you need to close word before you open excel, both the same family right?

Sorry my Sibelius runs through Steinberg UR22 , no latency, never ever a problem.

Don´t get me wrong, Dorico and Cubase are aswome.UR22 is really nice. But to ignore the problems is not a good idea.
There was a thread, were people, myself included were proposing a Cubase/Doric Suite. That could solve a whole bunch of issues in one shot. Killing 2 shots with a bird right? Anyway, you all have a fantastic weekend.