UR22 + LaunchKey 61+cubase LE = NIET NO MIDI/audio SOUND

Hi !
I wonder if my problem isn’t the UR22 or CUbase LE (demo) …
This morning i have purchase the UR22 & install it as the manual instruction said.
I already have a Launchkey 61 from novation which it has a USB connection connected to my PC “that is to say that i don’t connect my Launchkey on the UR22.”

In Cubase Element 7 ( a demo )(* Cubase AI* is still in download right now) every parameter is alright in my Devices > Device setup , but I DON’T HEAR ANY MIDI SOUND, but just when i disconnect the UR22 the midi sounds are heard again !

Another major problem ; when the UR22 is connected , i can’t hear any music or video from youtube or wmp ??? WHAT ?.. the same in Cubase : NO MIDI NO AUDIO !

Is that is because it’s a Uk product & i am american CANADIAN :wink:
I though that the UR22 was PLug & play interface , but it’s not ??? ,it’s a shame in 2014 !
I have change my old UX2 (line 6) for the UR22 this morning !

1 WEEK & i return this product if it won’t work !

I will try it with an american music software like Cakewalk, maybe this will be more simple :wink:

So what i have to do because i have the demo of CUbase LE for 3 weeks without any problem with UX2 , why 2 product of Steinberg dont work togerther ?
Good day

AMD Quad
Asus motherboard
8 gigs Ram
WIn 7 64 bits
Cubase Elements 7 (demo)
Asus GTX 560
Novation LaunchKey 61

Hello Segomil,

I assume that you have selected UR22 in your computer’s device setup as the soundcard?

If so, all audio signals will now be send through your UR22 audio interface instead of your build in soundcard.

So you have to connect your headphones and your speakers to the UR22’s outputs to be able to listen to audio signals from your computer.

This is the same for the MIDI sounds you’d like to hear from Cubase.

Please take a look at page 10 of the operation manual of UR22 to find a connection setup example.

Best regards,