UR22 Line Inputs

Hi there,

Prob a silly question, but i read a review somewhere that the UR22 doesn’t have proper line-ins. What i’m interested in doing is connecting a pair of phono outs (L and R) from a vestax mixer into the front line ins (1 & 2) of the UR22. I assume i can do this and as a stereo pair? All examples i’ve seen have been using a mircophone.

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Where did you read that?

I read it here! It was a link to a review that had been posted.

Here is the link…


“we couldn’t really do our “loop back test”, because the interface doesn’t have real line inputs, which is usually the case with entry level interfaces. In fact, looking over the schematics supplied by the maker, we can see that line in passes through the gain”

Odd thing to say, but yes the interface will work with the line outs of other equipment.