UR22 Low freq. noise due to grounding design DIY solution

All, I have received the following response from Steinberg (email details removed):

Dear Mr. XXXX,

Thank you for your interest in the UR 22!

I can confirm, that the UR 22 is working as a standalone unit aswell.

The inputs 1 and 2 are then (hard-)routed to the headphones and to the line outputs.

It is furthermore possible to operate the UR 22 with a regular USB power supply, without connecting it to a computer.

If you have any more questions, please let me know!

Tonigth the UR22 comes in from Amazon, let’s try !!


Hi all, if you want to remove the low frequency noise the fastest way without any hardware modification, you should just turn on a high pass filter in your daw. Okay, it’s not the best, but you can win more than 10db with it. For me the best result was when I used the high pass filter at 30hz.

High pass filter can only block small part of low frequency noise.

I’m more disappointed with Steinberg, after 18 months, no Steinberg personnel response to this post.