UR22 Mk 1 produce speaker whine on Windows 10 with newer drivers

I have an old UR22 Mk 1 that I’m still hanging on to, and it used to work fine with Windows 7, but after updating to Windows 10 it produces this strange whine in my speakers. I thought for the longest time it was something else, but it turns out that if I downgrade to the absolute earliest Windows 7/8/XP drivers (1.7.3) the whine disappears and all is well. I’m confident it’s caused by the drivers because I’ve updated and downgraded quite a few times now.

Yes I know I’m running very old hardware here, but all 2.x drivers say they support all versions of UR22 and I would feel a lot better if I didn’t have to run drivers from the dark ages. Anyone know of this problem?