UR22 mk 2 - How to enable Power Management

Just installed a UR22 mk2. All seems fine - but I’d like it to power off when I sleep the Mac. Looking at the installation guide, I should get the option to “enable power management” but… I don’t. The system preferences offers only a very small control panel with “enable loopback,” and that’s it. No power management option. Or anything else, for that matter. Same thing happens if I go in to it via Cubase Device Setup.

The driver is the very latest, downloaded from the Steinberg website today.

Any ideas as to why I’m getting such a tiny “no options” control panel which is little more than a splash screen?

Is it possible it’s caused by the fact that I didn’t use the CD that came with the unit? It’s impossible to use it if you have an iMac (as I do) because reading a CD necessitates hooking up an outboard CD drive (no CD drive on an iMac)… but it says in the read me file “disconnect all USB devices.”

Catch 22. Or would that be “Catch UR22.”

So that’s why I downloaded the driver instead.