UR22 (mk i) Lots of low frequency noise and case resonance


I have had my UR22 for a little while now and while the software side is great I’ve always had these issues.
The first issue is that the interface has quite a bit of low frequency noise/rumble that can be quite loud and gets into my recordings, especially with softer voices and instruments.
UR22 mki noise.png
The second is that whenever the interface itself or a cable that is plugged into it is tapped/bumped it will actually get into the recording, even when no microphone/input is plugged in. I could have no cables plugged in even and it would still be picked up. :confused:
UR22 mki tapping.png
Is this normal?

Potentially not normal, Indicative of something loose or wobbly inside, component or connection (maybe)

Well that’s kind of annoying.
It’s always done this and has literally sat in the same place for the time I’ve owned it.

hmm…probably way too late to send it in for warranty or anything like that. What is the warranty period? a year?

Of course, you have confirmed it exhibits those symptoms with nothing plugged in?

why yes, I have checked and it does indeed happen with nothing plugged in.