UR22 (Mk I) with a contemporary mobo and USB 3. Problems?

Hello folks

I have a UR22 (MK I) in my current setup (i7 5820, ASrock X99 Extreme6, 32GB, Windows 10) and, after some initial audio-dropout teething problems when I built the system in 2015 and subsequent Steinberg/Yamaha driver updates, the UR22 performed pretty well.
However, I’m soon to be building a new system based around the Ryzen 5900x. The motherboard I’m considering is the MSI X570S Tomahawk and it only has two USB 2 slots at the back which I’ll probably populate with my mouse and keyboard. The rest are various types of USB 3.
I’m just wondering how well the venerable UR22 will cope with being plugged in via USB 3.
For some reason I feel a little pessimistic and think the dropouts might return.
Anyone got any thoughts on this?

Thanks very much

Just thoughts, no real experience here…nah… maybe a bit :wink:
It works on my motherboard on the USB3 sockets as well.

AMD Ryzen 5 3400G on ASrock mini-ITX board (don’t know the exact model)

It’s my office system and I use it for all kinds of stuff, writing, gaming, conferencing, drawing, accounting…

I have one thought: Use an usb 2 port for your soundcard and a newer one for mous/keyboard, just saves you tons of potential hassle.
Having said that, my MSI GS66 does not have any 2.0 ports but handles both UR22-II and UR824 without problems.

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Thanks folks!
I’ve now completely changed directions and I’m going with an Intel build now.
The motherboard I’m going with is the Asus Z690 TUF Gaming D4, and it has no USB 2 ports at all (Although I think it might have some headers).
Glad to hear two responses so far having good experiences.
But generally, is USB 3 known to be a problem for Steinberg interfaces, especially older models like the UR22?

That depends on the implementation of the USB3 ports…
In fact, there were a lot of issues related to Intel chipsets USB3 implementations in the past…