UR22 mk II always has stereo from headphones


I recently installed my UR22 mk II and am having problems.

Cubase 9, windows 10, all latest drivers and firmware.

Whenever I am playing back any track, and have it panned hard L or hard R, I always have audio coming from both channels of the audio thru the headphones.

The input/daw is on DAW only.

Note, cubase is showing the audio playing mono out (see picture). But audio is definitely coming thru both channels of the UR22 headphone jack.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Seems that your ‘Stereo Out’ is setup as a mono output. I actually didn’t know that was possible, but check your selections for Stereo Out in VST Connections.

Thank you for the suggestion. I removed the bus, and readded, but, it didnt work.

Here are the outputs before:
Here are the outputs after:
Same issue still occurring.

I reinstalled the driver again, same issue.

Really appreciate the suggestions. Any other help?

Is there some weird routing issue that may be occurring?

Looks like the problem was with the headphones and/or adapter I was using.

FYI, in case this problem presents again for someone else, here was the issue:

  1. I tried using Bose headphones (don’t laugh, I am traveling), or a pair of iphone earbuds plugged into a 1/8-1/4 adapter.
  2. Both had the same symptoms. Stereo could be heard, overall quality of the sound stunk.
  3. When I plugged in my nice Sennheiser phones, the problem went away.

Maybe it’s the microphone on the other headsets? Maybe the adapter, who knows!

Oh shizzz. The dreaded crappy headphone adapters. I have 10 of them as backup as they always fail…

Someone needs to make high quality ones.

Sad thing is, it was brand new one!