UR22 mk II: headphone output is always mono

Hello everybody,
I am using the UR22 mk II together with the Shure SM7B microphone and Sennheise Momentum 3 as headphones. Everything is working fine, but the headphone output is mono.

The problem is definitely in the output itself, since I checked it with my headphones and a high-end soundbar.

I already reinstalled the driver and did a firmware update, but it didn’t solve my problem.

I couldn’t find a way to change any settings regarding the headphones output.
Is there something obvious I am missing or does anyone have the same issue?

Thanks in advance!

I doubt that, I bet it’s something in the configuration…
Wich OS? Did you installed the dspMixFx software?

I am using Windows 10. If I understood correctly, the dspMixFx is only for iOS, right?

I am actually dumb. It was a Windows 10 issue, fixed it though. Still thanks for your help :slight_smile:

So you already sorted the issue, but just to avoid confusion for future readers: No, the dspMixFx is also for PC:)

Good day, I’m also planning to buy the Sm7b and use it with my UR44…when you sais that you don’t have any problem is that mean you connected the Sm7b directly into your Ur22 or you need to have an additional device to increase the gain like clouddlifter.
Regards Alain

Hi Alain
If you need a couldlifter or similar for your SM7B depends on the usage. If you are recording vocals I would say you don’t need an inline preamp, but if you want to record soft speech it could be useful.