UR22 MK II Too Quiet/Too Loud?

Hello everyone. Im new to studio recording and the UR22MKII is my first interface. My main focus with this interface is voice acting, in which I utilize a condenser mic. Everything sounds clean through the interface, however I have to set the gain to a minimum of 90% to obtain proper levels for my speaking voice. In addition, 97%-100% is far too high a setting and peaks. This gives me very little physical room when turning the gain knob (7 %) or so to find the sweet spot. Even when singing or shouting I would have to be at a 75-85% at the very least.

Basically, it goes from too quiet, to too loud, too quickly.

Is this normal of interfaces? Or is this a specific problem with just my unit. Could the microphone actually to blame?

I have all the updated drivers and firmware running on sierra as of May 19th, 2017. I run XLR from microphone to interface, then directly into usb on the computer. My mic is an AKG C-214. I’m still waiting on a pop filter for it, so I’m using the included windscreen ad interim, and speak from 6-10 inches away. In my tests thus far, the wind screen hasn’t made any significant impact on the input volume vs. not having it on.

Any help or insight would be appreciated. Looking forward to learning more about this world. Thanks, take care.

Phantom power turned on?

Phantom power is indeed turned on.

Are you certain? You describe the symptoms of trying to use a condenser mic without power.

Try the mic on a different board, or try a different condenser mic on the UR device to eliminate a defective device.

Observe that mics existed for many decades before computers.

Since you don’t reveal what software you’re using that’s about all I can say.

Thank you for your replies Steve! Forgot to say so this morning.

Phantom power is on. Without it on, there is no signal in any of my programs.

I’ve tried 3 softwares thus far:

  1. Final Cut Pro X
  2. Audacity
  3. Cubase LE AI Elements 9

I haven’t used any boosts to the gain from the software side.

Playing with it initially, levels seemed to capture the same in either program.

Today though, final cut’s levels were quieter then audacity, at least when capturing audio at the same time (not sure if it gave Audcity priority or anything). If Audacity was reading -6, final cut was reading -9, however, still not a vast improvement in the gain.

I’d like to do more tests, including with cubase, but I gotta get packing for camping. I’ll be gone for a while. Hope any of this new info helps peg it down. Thanks again.

Alrighty, back from camping. I’m still open to any suggestions, hints, or advice if anyone was waiting for my return before posting.

Gonna play with the interface and software more tomorrow and see if there is something I missed.

If anyone is using this interface mainly for Voice over: How far do you have your gain turned up on this unit when capturing non-yelling/non-whispering vocals? I know it will vary by person/microphone/room acoustics, just curious.