UR22 Mk11 Adding a Compressor?

Hi all,

I want to add a little compression to my vocals before sending to Cubase in order to safegaurd the peaks. Is it possible to add a hardware compressor to the UR22 Mk11. Have read somewhere that you connect Mic to Input one then take balanced Jack from one of the outputs on the UR22 into compessor ‘In’ then back to UR22 via input 2. Has anybody tried this or know if it will work?

Regards, Pipey

That will work, but it won´t help you against clipping the AD converter because the signal goes through the interface before being compressed. Also note that the UR22 only has 2 outputs so if you set it up like this, you can´t have your stereo output available at the same time.
You could put the compressor between the mic and the audio interface though, which would solve the above 2 problems.

Thank you Strophoid for your reply. Just realised the very same problem. Was going to use my soundcard output but then Cubase won’t let me select both ASIO drivers at the same time. Must admit, the UR22 has a better sound than my Behringer mixing desk anyway so will just keep the trim down to avoid clipping and use thw compressor within Cubase.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply.

Regards, Pipey

If you record your audio in 24-bit you can afford to keep your input gain very low, so you’re sure you’ll never get clipping.
Good luck with your recordings :slight_smile: