UR22 Mk11 Makes a distorted/flange sound on playback

Hi all

After using my UR22 while editing multitrack (32 tracks) Cubase Studio 4 files for anywhere from 5-10 minutes, the sound output gets a weird distorted, flange type sound and is basically impossible to use. Every time I close the program and reopen it, the problem goes away for about the same time frame of 5-10 minutes and returns.

Looking at my VST Performance on Cubase, the ASIO is only 5 bars- very low, and Disk is so low, it doesn’t even register. Also, on my computer, which is a fairly new desktop running Windows 10 - Intel Pentium CPU G2030T @ 2.6GHz, 64 Bit (My CPU is running about 33% and Ram/Memory is about 4.9 of 7.9 GB so lots of memory left).

I am sure I should start with a software upgrade, but wanted to see if anyone has seen/heard this problem before. The UR22 Mk 11 unit is a few months old and under warranty, and my previous unit was an M-Audio Firewire 18/14 and gave no problems, although it was not compatible with my new computer- I used it with a laptop. Thanks for all advice/ help!

Have you tried editing another project and does it cause the same issue?

I’m only guessing here but it sounds like one of the tracks’ sounds is lingering with a reverb or something like a stuck note causing it to grow and eventually distort/feedback.