UR22 mk2 || Hi-Z

I was wondering if the Hi-Z input is disabled in Input 2 when connecting a XLR source instead of the regular guitar chord?
I ask this as two questions since one got me thinking about the other.

I read in the manual that it is harmful to toggle hi-z on/off while monitors are active and connected? Which got me scared for my JBL’s.

  • Do I need to actually/manually switch my monitors off (cutting electricity) in order to toggle hi-z?
    And if so, going back to my original question; will hi-z disable automatically when I decide to change input source from my guitar to a miced cab for example? So that I perhaps could just cut all input/output knobs on the interface before removing and inserting an XLR input without touching the hi-z (leaving it on)?

Thanks in advance, and I hope I made some sense atleast.

Hey bro! To make matters simple - I use hi-Z with my guitar recordings. Though I have never pressed the function during the recording / playback, I’ve never turned off my Yamaha HS8 for that sake. So far works so good 8)