UR22 mk2 jack plug noise issue


I recently bought a new PC with Windows 11 and I’ve had some issues recording audio via jack plugs on my UR22 mk2. Whenever I try to record my guitar through either input I get this very heavy buzzing noise. I used to be able to record clean tracks on my old laptop though.

I’ve had some weird issues with this audio interface before, like if I had an XLR on input line 1 and I record guitar on line 2 I got this same buzz on that line 2 recording. Both lines recorded cleanly when I removed the other plug. I don’t know if that’s normal, but I assume it’s not supposed to do that.

Now I can’t get rid of the buzz at all. I tried 2 different cords and 2 different instruments to close those out. And I do get the guitar signal too unlike many posts I read here, it’s just unusable because of the noise. Any ideas what might be causing this and how to fix it?