Ur22 mk2 on Android or Iphone

What re known phones that works with ur22 mk2? does anyone use it on those platforms?

there are great use for it!!!

,some of the apps that would be great in theory are:
,Yousician, Smule karaoke, Field recorder app, Audio evolution, Guitar amp and effects, Amplitube ,FL studio, accapella maker, virtual dj, walk band,Pianist HD Piano +, Guitar Amp & Effects - deplike, DrAmpFree - USB Guitar Amp, UltraTuner - Chromatic Tuner, n-track studio 8, and of course Youtube

Has anyone tried one of these apps ? I would like to use my new UR22MK2 with an old Samsung Android phone to play music using the interface with external USB power supply . What would the best app enabling the MK2 sound output ? Thanks