Ur22 mk2 performing well?

Hi guys!

I’d like to purchase the UR22 mk2 audio interface. I have couple of questions about the software aspects:

  • if I buy a new one new, do I get the latest version of Cubase AI? Which is v9, I think. I have a new mac with Sierra, so I need the latest version I guess

  • also, how is the latency on osx? I will use the laptop mostly as a sampler. Which is triggered from a hardware sequencer which is alo a sampler (Octatrack). Which means I need very low latency, preferably 2-3ms, to keep everything nice and tight.
    I would be using 7 MIDI tracks with samplers and fx (triggered by octatrack) + 1 mono input channel (track8) with fx to process an external monophonic synth. This is setup inside of Ableton. I will also,add a Push 1 controller to,navigate and to play Live’s instruments. So with all of this going, I need extremely low latency.
    I’m,using a new macbook air (standard)

I also like the idea of using Cubae AI to mix stems with, if writing is done.

THanks a lot!