UR22 MK2 - Windows 10 Volume Control

Hi everyone,
I’ve bought this interface like few days ago and I was wondering if it’s possible to control sound volume while using ASIO driver with the windows fader. I’m used to controlling volume with the keyboard from my previous interface.

I’ve noticed I can only control the volume through the knob on the audio interface. This is quite annoying because I’m also using my computer as a media center sometimes I control volume through a remote and if I set the volume to max on the interface, to be able to control it through the remote, next time I start my daw app, if I forget to lower the volume from the interface, it will be really loud.

Is there a way to fix that? Or is it something that might be taken into account in the future to be added to the driver? I just want to be able to control output volume through Windows volume fader.

No you can’t do that…I don’t think it would be possible with any ASIO interface.

I understand, thank you for the reply.