UR22 mki intermittent detections/connection FIXED

Using a UR22 mki on a Dell Inspirion, Windows 10 64bit, Ableton 8.3.
I had similar issues using the UR22 mki with my Asus desktop that runs windows 7.

I was given the hardware as a gift after the first owner was having the same issues I ended up having. After spending a LONG time combing through the forums, it seems like this problem is fairly common, and I couldn’t find the solution that ended working for me, so here goes.

Sometimes, after powering off or unplugging, the unit would fail to connect/be detected. The light would blink indefinitely, only to come back on and work perfectly after being disconnected/shut off. It seemed to be random. My DAW would also fail to load the Yamaha drivers, but ASIO4ALL worked just fine.

Here’s what I remember having tried first, all to no avail.

Alternate USB positions, configurations
Reinstalled drivers
Installed older drivers
Attempted a forced driver launch from within DAW

I’m sure I tried other things that I can’t remember, as this issue’s been going on for sometime now.


The problem for me was a second visual monitor (not speaker). Its a Hanns G HDMI LCD monitor with it’s own HD sound card on board. I never use the this sound device and had altogether forgotten it was there. Even with the monitor’s sound device disabled in windows, it appeared to be in conflict with the UR22.

As long as I plug the UR22 in BEFORE the second monitor, it works ever single time. If I plug in the monitor first, it fails to work every single time, until I unplug the monitor again. I hope this is of some help.

I’m still not sure what exactly the problem is. Maybe an ASIO issue? Something about device priority perhaps? I appreciate any insight into why this worked for me. Thanks!