UR22 mkII and 80 Ohm's headphones

I have a question if the UR22 mkII audio interface can fully power Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm version headphones.

I have already bought the headphones and this is something new for me, so I wonder if I should really hear it the way I hear it. (If it’s the volume is enough.)

Thank you.

What do you hear?

The UR22 mkII has a headphone amp, the DT770 are headphones.

I don’t know if the UR22 mkII can power the 80 Ohm’s version of this headphones. That’s all.

If this audio interface can make enough resistance for this headphones.

Thank you.

Hi Miroslav
I think that since you ask, the volume is not enough for you. And the DT770s can handle more power than the UR22 II can deliver, so yes if you get a more powerful headphone amp your cans can be louder.

no? That’s an awful lil piece of advice my guy. Why’d you say that?

But it is what counts!

My DT770 work good on my UR22.