UR22 mkII and mics, pre-amps

Hello! I have several questions about ur22 and I coudln’t find the answers in manual (or I’m too stupid to understand :smiley: ):

  1. I’m using a condenser mic with phantom power on. But I have a dynamic mic, which i need to use from time to time with my condenser one. The question is: won’t phantom power damage the dynamic mic if i’ll use it at the same time as condenser one?

  2. If I buy some sort of pre-amp (dbx 286s for example), how I connect it propperly to ur22? I’ve read that connecting preamps straight to inputs of AI may cause some damage and ur22 hasn’t got (bypassing?) input lines at the back.

Thank you for the answers!


  1. your dynamic mic will survive:-) AFAIK useless phantom power is just a problem for some ribbon mics.

  2. turn the input on the interface down and you should be good. In this case you should turn phantom power off on the UR.