UR22 MKII Audio Dropout and Distortion after dropout gets frequent.

So, even after installing the latest driver and fiddling with the advanced settings tab in the panel, the problem persists.
In my case it got worse. My friends also have the same model and they have been complaining the same.
The frequency of this issue is now 12 times an hour, which is very serious issue now.

There are two issues.

  1. Audio gets a sudden fade out for 1 sec. and then fades in.
  2. Audio gets a sudden fade out for split sec. and then the audio gets distorted / or sounds like bit-rate has fallen down.
    (Notice - Both issues are accompanied by LED blink)

I hope Steinberg team gets the seriousness of this issue and try to resolve it asap, or suggest us some alternative.
Mine is still under warranty, but I don’t think getting a new one is a solution.
Hope to see a response on this soon.

OS - Windows 10

Noticed you posted on the other thread - I am having same issue and if they can’t fix it I will be switching to a Focusrite interface or something similar I guess. Incredibly frustrating…

Do you know how long the warranty is? I bought mine a little over a year ago so I figure I’m probably beat…

Hi, the warranty is over 1 year. Let’s hope that Steinberg team gets this Issue resolved asap. To be honest, I like this interface from other aspects, but with this issue in between, I’ll have no choice but to find an alternative.

Same issue here, and still no fix for a year now. Steinberg support please!!!

After lots of dropouts with Win10, I’ve had no dropouts in several hours of testing with a Linux box (Ubuntu or Mint). You might consider going to Mint, with Ardour if you need a DAW.

Hi, I had this issue (2.) few times during some experimenting with BIOS optimalization for Cubase. If I remember correctly, its appear often during Hyperthreading off, and during Turbo mode On and durring energy saving modes. I think that setting of CPU is not clearly defined for use with cubase and You have to check which config. suits your system best. Check this: https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/360008589880-Windows-10-How-to-set-up-and-optimize-a-Digital-Audio-Workstation And also try to set large buffer - if it helps. Be sure that Your USB ports has no power management energy saving mode - blinking of white LED on UR means smth like lost of connection with PC if Im correct. So I wouldnt blame soundcard until all other options will be checked.