UR22 MkII audio dropout

I have found that the UR22 had audio dropout issues with USB 3.0, but I bought the upgraded one. I was testing out the UR22 MkII with Cubase LE AI and DEXED and found that when I pressed a key, the audio would go silent then creep back in, even when I do one key at a time.

Is this a USB issue, an ASIO4ALL, Windows 10 driver issue or Cubase LE AI issue?

Also, can the UR22 MKII load sysex files or can you load sysex files across it? (I ask before I buy a E-Mu Proteus 1XR or other sound module)

what is your problem in detail?

the upgraded one from what, the UR22?

—?? :wink: which key do you press?( at your MIDI-Masterkeyboard or your PC-Keyboard)

I installed the Steinberg USB driver that was surprisingly not included in the package and not it works well, save for a clicking sound with DEXED. That may be a VST issue.

Can it load sysex files to attached synths, though?

where did you bought the URmkII? it should basically be in every audio-interface-package an included driver
i need to know, what you exactly want from this configuration. what are your demands/wishes? how i understand, you want to interact your MIDI-keyboard into your sequencer, to triggering DEXED, right? why do you need for that purpose system-exlussive-messages and why do you use your master-keyboard or synthesizer through the UR22mkII and not directly through the USB-port of your pc? (only got MIDI-/DIN-boxes ?) i need to know that for the step, that we both find the solution of this. :wink:

I already got it to trigger Dexed, but I want it to transmit aftertouch from a Casio CT-600 being used as a full-sized key midi controller.

I also want to be able to link a synthesizer that does not have USB, but has midi and transmits sysex data to and from it by linking it to the UR22 mkII. I wanted to use a Roland Um one mkII, but I lost it and I did not see anything in either manuals about sysex.

The place I bought it from was guitar center.

sorry, i´m too incompetent to solve your problem.

but 1. is the Casio CT-600 already able to percieve aftertouch? 2. when you want to change your current key-setting to another octave, so that the Casio-600 reaches the fully-key spectrum by going to the octave(s) you want, you need a octave - and + button, or you take any button(s) on your MIDI-Keyboard, the CT-600, and change it´s current control-value, to that value what you want( for this example one octave lower or higher(- and+)). you can do this in the device-manager in cubase, by go to a Generic Controller-Setup, click the learn-button, than click the button you prefer on your CT-600, and assign the value to, you want to trigger. 3. but you got another MIDI-cable, right and the UR22 wont recieve the sysex-messages. (did you clicked in the preferences in Cubase on the MIDI-tab, all the sysex- buttons. to identify these messages?or in the MIDI-MIDI-Filter-tab turned off the click by sysex)

The CT-6000 does have aftertouch, but it did not have an octave up or down option.

I opted to hold off on the sound module until I get the preferences in Cubase LE AI and Ableton Live set up completely. I did not get all of the sysex things in Cubase set up, because the idea for a sound module only recently came to me.

None of these steps were in the Ur22 manual.

I went through the Device Manager and deactivated stuff, one at the time. At the end of the day I ended up with a deactivated AMD High Definition Audio Device. I have deactivated the internal soundcard, using only the external Steinberg UR22.
Since then, no hick-ups …

The problem has returned. I think it was when I accidentally unplugged it trying to use the Roland UM-0ne. I tried to set computer defaults to the UR22mkII for, but maybe not going to device manager, since I had trouble finding the right one to deactivate.

The audio drops out in Cubase, hangs up Ableton and when I tried to use the Wavestation VS, it said "failed to load the Midi device. Also, before then, I tried to use the Microkorg editor with it and though it did load presets, it kept saying that it cannot receive midi data from it.

Are any of these problems that could be resolved with deactivating certain drivers?