UR22 MKII - Can you use a pedal with this?

Has anyone successfully used a stomp box/pedal with the UR22 MKII?? If so your advice would be greatly appreciated.

I have a Line6 POD XTlive that I use and works perfectly EXCEPT that I’ve never EVER been able to record with it because I could never solve the latency issue (WIndows 7 drivers). So I bought the UR22 MKII a couple days ago hoping I could do some recording with my guitar. The problem I have is anytime that I use the XTlive (using either the phones or line out ports), the recorded audio sounds muffled, over driven, and distorted. If I plug my guitar straight in (no pedal), the audio is crystal clear…(just no effects). Tested using unbalanced cables with Hi-Z on and off. When using the XTlive output port, the signal by default has -12 setting…but the audio still sounds to hot/over-driven/muffled…just not usable.

Guitar -> Line6 XTlive (any program clean or distorted) -> UR22 MKII -> USB/PC -> Cubase AI 8 = horrible distortion
Guitar (straight in) -> UR22 MKII -> USB/PC -> Cubase AI 8 = crystal clear

I sifted through the forum and read every post about this device and haven’t found an answer. Seen people had a horrible hiss/noise fixed by running a ground wire from UR case to something grounded in the house, having bad noise due to using the wrong kind of audio cables, solving noise by cutting their USB cable in half and wiring an external power plug, and some said they bought a DI box/with pads or a Behringer Xenyx 502 Mixer (I think the Behringer Xenyx 502 Mixer was to solve low headphone volume).

Again any help would be greatly appreciated.

Nevermind. I solved all the problems I was encountering. Not sure what it was, but something was messed up in Windows 7 so a fresh clean OS installation solved my issues and everything works perfectly now.