UR22 MKII disconnects itself

I purchased the UR22 MKII on Friday afternoon. I went back home and installed the latest compatible USB driver for macOS. Plugged the UR22 MKII into the USB C Thunderbolt 3 port via USB A adaptor, and used the device with Reason 10 for the rest of the day. So far so good.

Then yesterday I booted up my system for the first time since then and plugged the UR22 MKII back into the same USB port. The macOS system audio settings immediately recognizes the UR 22 MKII, but it then disconnectes as soon as I opened Reason 10. This problem goes on repeating itself. Open Reason and the UR22 MKII gets cut off. Since then I have updated the UR22 MKII firmware but it hasn’t solved the problem. The weird thing is that it all worked fine together on day one. By the way, the UR22 MKII is powered by the USB port and the white USB light on the device stays on whenever it’s connected to the USB port, i.e. the interface remains powered despite getting cut off by my system. What can I do to solve this problem?

I’m still having trouble making my system detect the UR22 MKII.

Since my original post last week I’ve tried connecting the device through a powered USB adaptor, but it didn’t solve my problem. I’ve now read that owners of the UR series are advised not to use Steinberg UR devices on High Sierra systems. I didn’t know that before buying the UR22 MKII, so maybe my OS is just incompatible with the current USB driver? I’ve also read that it’s preferable not to update the firmware of UR devices when running High Sierra. I applied the latest firmware update before learning I would be better off not doing it. The firmware update seemingly installed successfully despite using High Sierra, so should I be worried abouting having bricked something in my UR device? Also, how long will it roughly take before Steinberg offers a compatible USB driver for High Sierra?

I’m having exactly the same problem after upgrading to High Sierra. Also tried upgrading the firmware, reinstalling the driver, no luck. It appears on the system preferences, but then disconnects as soon as I try to use it (for example just opening GarageBand).

Previously in Sierra it worked almost fine. The only problem was my computer would crash when unplugging the USB. Other than that, I could use it.