UR22 MKII dropouts etc... possible fix

Hi, Got a Steinberg UR22 Mk2 2 days ago and had major stutters, droputs and basically unusable since day 1.

Windows 10, 8GB memory, Nvidia 1030 Video card with 2 GB DDR5, 500W PSU (tested recently).

Tried a LOT of suggestions in https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=157&t=96319

Tried on my daughters I5 with 8GB and Windows 7 64 bit, Nvidia 1050 Video card and was the same. Audio output through headphones was low volume with pops and crackle most of the time. Stereo also seemed distorted… tried some stereo tests and when it said “left” it seemed more centre… same with “right”. Seems among other things the channel data was getting mixed up.

Tried recording on both using Audacity and results were identical. Blue Yeti Pro using XLR and phantom power… even with gain at max was only just showing. An older U-129 on L1 fared a bit better with the Hi-Z depressed.

Now tried on 3rd computer (ex rubbish tip) in shed that runs Windows 7 32 bit and sports 4GB memory, low end video card, SB audio card but up to date and quite bare system. It also had exactly same audio problems using the audio interface for sound.

On all tried different buffer sizes, bit rates, etc, etc as per the discussions in the forum.

Uninstalled the latest drivers and retried and… same.

Noticed there was a firmware updater so I downloaded it and run. Current was 1.03 and it had 1.04 on offer… so I ran it and immediately the audio is crisp, loud and seems to have stereo effects (that were previously garbled).

Yet to check on the other 2 PC’s but the difference that occurred straight away were too huge to ignore.

Others “may” benefit from this. Will reply in a day or 2 when I get a chance to re-test the recording and audio output o the other 2 PC’s.

Tested inside on my Windows 10 64 bit computer and it’s been working fine for days as main sound output device and for recording. Have it set to 192KHz as this should break it faster if it’s going to break.

My 20+ year old ud-129 “antique” microphone works fine but my daughters Blue YETI Pro with the XLR cables does not want to cooperate… which is bad is it’s the reason I actually got the Audio Interface. Bit sad when have to spend $175 on an Audio Interface cause the USB connector on a $300+ microphone is so crap.

So basically I think it’s safe to assume the update of the firmware + latest driver need to be checked at the same time.