UR22 MKII Dropouts Possible Solution

When moving to a new Windows 10 system all of a sudden I experienced dropouts and hangs with my UR22 MKII audio interface. I tried everything suggested here in the forum, but nothing helped at all. Since this was a fresh install, it was easy for me to do another fresh install of Windows 10, this time only installing the Intel Chipset Driver, the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver and nothing else. This way I did not experience any dropouts anymore, but it took me an additional couple of days to figure out the exact reason.

It turns out that there was some sort of conflict between the internal GPU of the Intel processor and the Nvidia GPU, which occurred right after installing the Nvidia GPU driver on my fresh install. The first solution for me was to disable the Nvidia GPU for my DAW over the Nvidia Control Panel (right click on desktop -> Nvidia Control Panel -> Manage 3D settings -> Program Settings -> select program -> choose Integrated Graphics)

Later I found out that it is also possible to leave the Nvidia GPU activated for all programs: Go to the Global Settings (Nvidia Control Panel -> Manage 3D settings -> Global Settings) -> choose Auto-select -> scroll down the Settings list to “Low Latency Mode” and toggle it to “Ultra”. It is also possible to change this only for a specific program under the Program Settings tab.

This actually fixed all the issues for me. I hope this is going to help somebody else with the exact same problem!