UR22 mkII feedback noise on guitar, audio drops

I’m stumped. I developed some audio drop outs when listening to music and video on my computer, updated the driver, the firmware. I was patient, did the job like a guru and … no change.

I’ve tried virtually everything on this forum regarding noise on my ur22 mkII interface but I still get a high pitched feedback noise when I use my guitar. Even when the gain and levels are virtually nonexistent the squeal remains. I can’t even say why this has happened because it was working fine not 4 months ago. I have a new build system for this too.

Some detail in case I’m doing something wrong. I’m not a master at understanding these connections but I’m no slouch:
I have the interface inputs feeding into the alt outputs on the mixer and the interface outputs into the tape in as recommended by the Mackie manual. The CR Outputs on the mixer go to my speakers. I have a midi keyboard plugged into the midi in port on the interface and the mic and guitar in the mixer lines.

As soon as I try to add any virtual amp or gain to the guitar all hell breaks loose.

I add this post to the general melee in hopes of some help or update on how I can solve this… Cheers

oh oh, more than 12 hours later and no answer from the forum or Steinberg. Went to my local distributor and they were helpful but not exactly successful with their advice. I have an awful hum on my ur22 mk2 when I try to use a virtual amplifier in Cubase and it is not acceptable. I can only conclude that taking the unit back for a solution is the only course of action.