UR22-MkII - Gain knob set to low, seems to remove high frequencies. Is that normal?

Hi there,
not sure if this is a rather unusual setup, since we do not have the option (distance-wise) to connect the interface via USB type B to the computer.

3,5mm stereo jack (from computer) to 6,35mm mono jack (unbalanced) into UR22 mkII (MIC/Line1) to Genelec - 8010 AP (monitor)

If the gain knob of input 1 is set to a minimum/ low, then the output signal seems to be missing some mid and a lot of high frequencies (sounds very dull). Is that normal? I thought the input gain was “simply” an amplification (loudness) for the incoming signal, why would it remove mid and high frequencies, when set to low?

Sorry if the explanation of the situation is not specific enough, I’m a noob. :<

Thanks in advance for the help!

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It is not normal, but also one of the oddest applications I have ever heard of. Not having the UR22 connected via USB means you do not use it. At all.
So in yourscenario you should connect the 3,5 mm computer out directly to the 8010´s. Just get a split from 3,5 mm stereo to 2x XLR and you are set.

perhaps I should have been clearer (sorry).

The thing is, the interface is connected to a pc via the USB-B connection (see img), thus providing power. I only use input 1, if I want a secondary audio source to use the 8010’s. Since I do not a have a long enough USB cable, I just went with the scenario I described in my first post.

So the pc (see img) is the main workhorse and occasionally I use a Laptop approx. 3 to 5m away from the interface that I want to connect to the 8010’s, without disconnecting and reconnecting the 8010’s every time.

Do you think removing the interface would still be the better option in this case?

Kind regards
Jobbel :slight_smile:

Hi Jobbel
Ok, now I understand:)
I would much prefer to connect the laptop directly to the 8010:s, but then you will either need to plug/unplug or get a switch/preamp.
Your solution should work ok, unless there is some serious impedance output mismatch, but I’d suggest going stereo.

Does that make a difference though? I thought the inputs on the interface are both mono anyway. Or should I split the input from the laptop and use input 1 & 2 simultaneously?

And regarding my initial question, I am just curious as to why the high frequencies are seemingly getting removed. Is there a potential reason, maybe based on my setup, that could cause this?

Edit: changed second question, since “strummer” already answered that in his first response.

Yes definitely!

If the highs are removed, there might be something wrong with the output from the laptop, it won’t be in the soundcard as the input is pretty much linear (Steinberg UR22mkII Audio Interface Review (with noise measurements) - YouTube)

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Okay, great. I will do that then :slight_smile:
Thanks for the other resource as well, much appreciated!

This is normal, the gain controls are analog on this interface, that means the actual audio signal goes through the potentiometers, though they aren’t very high quality.
Minimum gain = high resistance = altering the frequency response.
If the inputted signal is too low, this becomes obvious if you boost it in post.
You can counteract this effect by increasing the gain a little.

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In passive guitars (and basses) sure, but in audio interfaces, not really.