UR22 mkII - low headphone signal

I have a UR22 mkII interface. The headphone output signal is very weak and provide little volume on my headphones AKG 550. Is this normal? Anyone else passes?

same problem,i think il buy fiio headphone amp,

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Same as here, using Audio-Technica ATH-M50x.
Doesn’t make sense to me to use an amp with external audio interface.

just found out of fiio q1,it is also a dac,and it can be connected on ur22 since it has line in on fiio,it also has battery build in it 30 h of use,it cost around 50 bucks,still shame i have to use external pre,steinberg made terible mistake calling this interface mk2 since it has no improvement on sound what so ever,ur 22mk2 interface also tested with m50x and ath msr7 ,just low power,i beleve amp inside can go up to 30ohms,which is rly low,

Same issue here with ATH-M40x.
As far as I can understand, it is voluntary option from Steinberg who limited the power consumption of headphone amp enabling more stability and lower consumption on the overall system.

It is not really a big problem because , at long term, exposure to high decibels cause hearing loss especially if we use it for long periods of work ( several houres…). It is a very serious issue. :wink:

But I believe that Steinberg can improve for instance it using external DC adapter… :mrgreen:

Same here with AKG K240. With the older UR22 I didn’t have any problems. Now I’ve got the new one, and bought a problem for myself. Great! :frowning:

Considering that this is a Steinberg official board, it will be very appreciated a comment from the manufacturer…

In any case, if it is a power consumption issue, why do not enable higher power ( by drivers) when connected to DC power source???

Same problem with my new UR22mkII and AKG 702 headphone.
An explanation from Steinberg would be appreciated.

it´s not only the ohm factor!!
different headphones have different sensitivitys. for example, for tracking in use a cheap superlux with 32ohm and a sensitivity of 98db spl. with my cheap akg´s k44 k77 also 32ohm but a sensitivity of 112db spl is more twice times louder.
if you work with very dynamic singers, or accoustic instruments, the main level has to be quiet low, so a better, but more energy hungry headphone would´n do the job. so it really depents on what are you doing. for mixing it´s ok. for me, but it´s nice to have a bit more headroom.
but most other brands seems to have more power i their headphone amps.

Same problam with brand new Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 32 OHMS headphones.

I’m super super disappointed by the UR22 mkII for having this ridiculous headphones output.
And very surprised as well that I never heard about this major problam before, because I read about it and about two other audio interfaces before I bought it.

I’m looking for a cheap solution if somebody can help with that.


Did you buy the Q1? How is it?

I need to buy one of those headphones amps
But I don’t know which exactly

Can someone please recommend on a decent one under around 50-70$?
I might prefer one with 2 headphones connections


I have the same problem with a DT 770 Pro from beyerdynamic… An explanation from Steinberg would be appreciate indeed !
If anyone has a cheap solution to this problem I’ll be interested too because I’m pleased of this interface except the low headphone signal…

Headphone Amp is the best solution for this time. UR44 had this problem too although it connected with 12 VDC adapter.
Steinberg is the lowest headphone power output audio interface on the market. Focusrite and Presonus had headphone power output better.

I’ve just tried the AT M40x with my UR22 MkII and can confirm that these can be decently driven by the interface. I also connected my bass guitar to it directly and via Zoom-B1Xon effects pedal and it is really loud enough for anyone with normal hearing. The AT’s are 35 ohm. No worries if you have this combination! :slight_smile:

Greetings. I’m sort of interested in bying this piece of gear, but this ‘headphones signal issue’ you talk about seems to be a concern. Is the information on this other Steinberg thread “ur22 Very low audio output through headphones” (topic ID 57354) valid / useful ? Or the MIX (INPUT/DAW) knob level has nothing to do with the issue ? Can anyone check and reply ? Thanks in advance and regards.

Does older (non MKII) version really has better headphones signal?
According to manual they both have Maximum Output Level 6 mW+6 mW, 40 Ω

I think so. I have a UR22 which I’ve owned for 3-4 years, and recently borrowed a newer UR22 mkII from a friend. The first thing I noticed after I plugged it in was that the phones output volume is significantly lower on the mkII. I haven’t measured the exact difference, but it’s quite a bit… Definitely more than just a couple of dB. I usually have the knob turned up to around 10 o’clock or so, but on the mkII I have to turn it up to 2 o’clock to get decent volume.

I used to have the same low headphone signal issue.
However, after I changed the 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter. The headphone volume became normal…or even LOUD.
the new adapter overall is much shorter than the original one, both gold color.
I’m not sure why it made such a huge difference but maybe that is the solution for now.

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