UR22 MKII low pass filters above 22 kHz


I bought this sound card due to it being 24 bit and capable of sampling at 192 kHz. However, it appears my recordings are being low-pass filtered at about 22 kHz, even though I’m sampling at 192 kHz. I therefore expected a bandwidth of 96 kHz. I checked if this was a Windows problem by using Audacity on Linux as well, but got exactly the same issue.

Is there any way to disable whatever filtering the UR22 is doing? I cannot record the frequencies I wish to capture (bat chirps).

Thank you

What kind of microphone are you using? Is it capable of recording ultrasonic content?

In order to check your problem I recorded some cymbal hits with my UR22mkII using Earthworks QTC30 microphone. Results were as expected: steadily dropping ultrasonic content up to 30kHz and then dropping more sharply, which is what you would expect to get from cymbal hits with this microphone. No sudden drop at 22kHz.

And if you were serious about recording bat chirps, you will not achieve any serious results with UR22 (nor any studio-grade audio hardware). AFAIK bat chirps have fundamental frequencies up to almost 200kHz. You need special (very expensive) hardware to record those.