UR22 mkII Microphone sounds odd

When I record with my mic through the UR22 mkII audio interface I get a chorus/phasing sound. This only occurs when the “Mix knob” is set in the centre or all the way to the right on the audio interface. If I turn the mix knob all the way to the left it sounds perfect, but then I can’t hear anything else from the cubase (like vst instruments). I’ve tried different mic leads both mono and stereo, tried both stereo and mono input tracks, made sure loopmode is off, tried all different buffer settings from 64 to 1024 . The chorus/phasing sound is subtle but annoying. Some vocalist I record complain about it too.

Anyone experience this issue? Would love to know how to fix this.

Hi there,

sounds like you have monitoring enabled for you microphone. That has to be off …