ur22 mkII pack - microphone recording problem

Looking for customer support, haven´t find this problem adressed in this forum.

My microphone only reacts and is recorded in Cubase 9.5 when the volume on the input is on a very high level (at least 3/4) - below this the input signal is not recognized. Even when the volume is up, it takes time before the mic reacts to the voice - first two or three words are not recorded or they are recorded very quietly (which happens every time after I stop speaking/singing).

This happens despite:

  • the phantom power on UR22 is switched on
  • my laptop meets system requirements (Intel i5-3210M, 2.5 GHz, 4 GB RAM, 12 GB free space on the disc)
  • I have Yamaha Steinberg driver installed (from the CD included with the pack) and chosen in the Studio Setup menu
  • The inputs and outputs are assigned correctly in the Audio Inputs menu
  • The Mono in 1 input is chosen for the Voice recording track
  • I use the predefined template for Acoustic Guitar+Voice recording
  • I use the Steinberg microphone included with the pack
  • the microphone reacts normally and I can hear it well (even on low volume levels) when the Mix knob on UR22 is turned fully to the Input side
  • I recorded the acoustic guitar on the input 2 with no problem

What else can cause this problem?

EDIT: Just to have the information complete:
While waiting for an answer I installed the new version of Yamaha Steinberg driver from the Steinberg web (1.10.1). Didn´t help. :frowning: