UR22 MkII USB Drivers can't be reinstalled

I had to take all the cords off from my system unit so I can reinstall some new stuff inside.
New drivers for new hardware, no problems.
Plugging UR22 back in the same port and Windows 7 (62-bit) cannot identify it.
So I try to reinstall it:
Control Panel > Uninstall a program > Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver

I get error:
1628: Failed to complete installation

I also tried to uninstall using the setup from the zip file, but the uninstallation gets interrupted so setup kind of cancels itself.

This is the 2nd time.
Last time I had to reinstall Windows 7.

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
The UR22 is plugged in USB 3.0 port btw


Seems like I was able to delete the driver from the Register. Reinstallation went ok, and device was working again. Except when I restarted the computer. Now I’ve been having a strong hunch that my motherboard might starting to break. I’ll execute some tests using the Ultimate Boot CD through the next night and see what’s happening.

The way how I have uninstalled drivers, by launching setup.exe one more time. So when you first launch it, it installs, when you launch it for the second time it removed drivers.

Now its stuck on phase “Updating component registration”. Already stuck for over half an hour, the setup actually started doing things after waiting for 15 min. I’m going to let it think the rest of the night.

Motherboard tests came with 0 failures btw.


Talked about my problem with a retailer. He said these kind of problems are very VERY rare, so I can get a new one just in case. Good thinking I didn’t register any of the products with it. USB ports are ok and motherboard is fine.

Hope this helps someone with a same kind of problem which I had.

Try the new Windows driver:


Has anyone found a solution? I am having the same problem on a friend’s computer. the only solution i have now is to format and re-install windows. I have removed most of the entries in the registry, but it does not give me permission to delete 3 or 4 Steinberg UR22 entries. I am logged in as administrator with full read and write privileges.

I did try the older driver, but it seems that the drivers is locked in the registry so it cannot be removed. The physical files have been removed. This is very frustrating to have to re-do windows from scratch just to fix one little USB driver!