UR22 MKII Value Edition bundle DACs and licenses

Are there any limitations regarding the Download Access Codes that come with the UR22 MKII Value Edition bundle?

Incudes DACs for Cubase 11 Elements, Cubase AL 11, Cubasis LE 3, and Groove Agent 5.

Any limits there might be in regard to the software licenses would be stated in the ad.

Are you referring to something else?

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Sorry, what ad do you mean?

I meant limitations like; not being able to transfer the licencse, or having to use them all on the same account, etc.

Thing is, it comes with two versions of Cubase, which is redundant for me, so would like to sell one of them on.

I’ll edit your title so others might understand your question.

But actually, the Cubase 11 range is no longer being sold. Have you actually found this product anywhere online or brick and mortar?

Since this isn’t sold on the SB website, I think you will have to find a dealer who’s selling it to find out if each software product has its own DAC.


Seems like there’s a limitation that I wasn’t even aware of: just spotted this on the box; “This box contains solely an access code for Cubase AI download version. Software and manual download, product activation, support and upgrades require prior product registration via internet.” This is not very clear; when it says “product registration” does it mean that you have to register the hardware first and cannot activate Cubase AI on an account otherwise?

Also, in the getting started manual it says, "The following two set up proceedures are required before you can use the device with a computer…2. Downloading Cubase AI". But, what if I don’t want to download AI and want to use it with another DAW, will the UR22 simply not work at all?

It’s so unclear!

First, it is an audio interface with no restrictions, I’m aware.
Cubase AI is bundled with the interface, but will work with other interfaces as well.

No, it doesn’t. It comes with Cubase Elements (PC/Mac) and Cubasis LE (iOS).

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Incorrect: the Value Edition that I bought comes with Cubase Elements, Cubase AI, Cubasis LE 3, and Groove Agent 5.


The problem is that it’s extraodinarily unclear from the box and manual what the particular limitations of the licenses are.

Does it really include DACs for both Cubase AI and Cubase Elements?

I don’t know exactly what you mean by “limitations of the licenses”. The only limitation I can think of is that LE/AI licenses can’t be sold without the hardware they came with.

They screwed up the listing. You get Cubase Elements and you get CuBASIS LE for iPad. They mistakenly listed Cubasis LE as Cubase LE but you can read in the description it is for iPad.
You can see what’s included and not included in each version of Cubase here:
Compare Editions of Cubase