UR22 mkII x MacBook Pro (2021) = Sound is distorted and clipping very bad


I’ve been using a UR22 mkII with multiple Windows Systems for years, and it always worked perfectly.

I bought a MacBook Pro 2021 (Monterey 12.5) and tried to plug in the UR22 mkII today.
I downloaded the most recent driver, installed it successfully, and everything seemed to be working just fine.

However the sound that comes out (both from the headphone output and the main output) is distorted, crunched and is clipping very bad…

I replaced the USB to Interface cable (didn’t work), un- and reinstalled the driver (didn’t work), switched the power source to the UR22 mkII’s own 5V DC power source (didn’t work), restarted the Macbook (didn’t work) and tried out different USB hubs, both 2.0 and 3.0 (didn’t work)…

Does anyone else have the same problem?
Help would be much appreciated, getting super desperate now :frowning:

Regards Dao