UR22 Mono Vocal Recording Problem

I record vocals for voice acting and stuff, and I use an AT2020 microphone connected to a UR22 to do it.

Whenever I record in mono, the recording will peak at exactly 50% of what should be the the max volume should be. This completely ruins the recording if I get even a little loud, or forces me to make my recordings absurdly quiet.
If I record in stereo, I do not encounter this problem, and the track I’m recording on looks and operates exactly as I need it to. Only, it’s stereo, on only side of the track, and I don’t know how to record full Stereo with the UR22.

This is a screenshot describing what I mean: http://41.media.tumblr.com/fed7178fba5ee03f6e40d0b57771f143/tumblr_nu2v03f1Ro1rv5pjno1_1280.png
(These two recordings are of the same sound at the same volume)

I think this problem may have started after I switched to Windows 10, but I’m not sure. I did get the driver for W10 recently, though.